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The Hunt

Niantic Project G+ September 16, 2013

Hidden Info
CIGBGAFHCGGEFcGDGBFAGECBCCCFGD is seen in the document. Doing letters to numbers for uppercase letters and then hex to ascii we get 9rqh7ultrau236t

Also some colors are seen - red, yellow, blue. the order is Y RY YB RY Y YY BY RR RR BR RR YY BR RR BR RB RY RB YR R BY YR YB YY RR RB RR RR BR YY RB RY RB YY RR R
Ignoring the spacingand replacing red for dot, yellow for dash, blue for space, followed by reversing it and decoding as Morse you get 3rph3yuris749q

In the thumbnail in braille 5pza8coldu832u

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