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The Cure


Jarvis talks with Lynton-Wolfe about the presence of Hank Johnson's presence in “the Nest” and his role regarding certain artifacts.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
File ID - xDZt4Ovws5urijtwcDKn
Reverse, swap cases (lower with upper) and base 64 decode to get 6gby2henryz8o7w

Bottom of the document - 45874857757756284837875835783556
Reverse, pairs decimal to ASCII. Reverse the result to get 6ntk9martinu5w5a

Braille on the left side
Translation - veamhexaenineueuetghnspnkhifttesu

In the right 7B11T4H16G-1I11E1X5N8E14V1E16S-3B13N-2I5E7T16S-2B14N0E16V-3E13S0M15Y-3B5N7E11V1E10S
Using just the letters. Reverse to get 7bym7lightmanb7x8b


Additional Information

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