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Songlines 2


Lightman and Nagassa conclude that Hank Johnson is following the path of Alexander the Great in his search for the Artifacts.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
After Babylon - EnpwmwtglbqjfxuovwajamiwnS

After all the above - ms#Xhyhrceubuet##f
Groups of 6 . Rearrange the mddle to spell out chuber join all #mhyXschubertu#f#e . Count tips/edges in the number locations. s/schuber/martin

Above the last line - CyqetrwApincjRczzvwIqpujAfkrw
Remove the cap letters CARIA. This refers to Ada of Caria. Vigenere autokey with new string with ada to get ynevesuevifhruofwbpneves. Reverse and add ada

Top right corner - 71i3piroaneMksd5PpMs
Groups of 4, read downawrds . 7pakP1inspiredM3oM5s. P = plus M = minus

Bottom right corner some morse can be seen
Morse can be read as Y4GAG6YLHPFSP5S9. Pairs and reverse each pair


LIGHTMAN : My guess is that he had a couple of stops. Here's your history quiz . What was Alexander's first act
when he crossed into Asia?
NAGASSA:   He made sacrifices to the Homeric heroes- Plutarch describes the events in section XV of his 'Life 
of Alexander.

"Then going up to Ilium he sacrificed to Athena and poured libations to the heroes. Furthermore the
gravestone of Achilles he anointed with oil ran a race by it with his companions naked as is the custom  and
then crowned it with garlands pronouncing the hero happy in having while he lived a faithful friend and after
death a great herald of his fame. As he was going about and viewing the sights of the city someone asked him
if he wished to see the lyre of Paris· 'For that lyre' said Alexander  ' I care very little; but I would
gladly see that of Achilles to which he used to sing the glorious deeds of brave men '. "

LIGHTMAN : The gravestone of AchilleS··· Garlands... The Lyre ... What is that code for?
NAGASSA :  You ' re asking me? So you think Hank went there?
LIGHTMAN : And he would go to where Alexander ' s story ended - . .
NAGASSA :  Babylon?
LIGHTMAN : I was thinking Alexandria .
NAGASSA :  Isn ' t the tomb supposed to be under water?
LIGHTMAN : Like that would stop Hank · But there are a lot of theories- Something interesting to chew on. 
Which part should we be focusing on? The Helen of Troy part, the code part or the Hank Johnson part?
NAGASSA :  All of the above .
LIGHTMAN : I'll leave this with you, from Diodorus:

''Now there is in Lycia near the city of Xanthus a spring which at this time as we are told was of its own
motion upheaved from its depths, and overflowed and cast forth a bronze tablet bearing the prints of ancient 
letters in which it was made known that the empire of the Persians would one day be destroyed by the Greeks 
and come to an end. Encouraged by this prophecy Alexander hastened to clear up the sea - coast as far as 
Cilicia and Phoenicia. " 
NAGASSA:  Glyphs?
LIGHTMAN : Ask Hank ·

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Additional Information

Songlines 1 Page one of the conversation between Lightman and Nagassa guessing at Hank's thought processes and plans to collect the artifacts.

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