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Posted February 18, 2013

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Spooked by Jarvis's alleged resurrection, Carrie tries to talk Enoch into leaving the Niantic Project.

Hidden Info


Carrie: Can we talk?
Sent at 11:51 PM on Sunday
Enoch: What? Are we back in junior high? LOL.
This chat is now off the record
Enoch: incognito talk?
Carrie: Just wanted to say some things without ADA being privy to them.
Enoch: ok… you got me.
I'm intrigued.
Carrie: I'm worried about our safety.
I think we should tell Calvin we're out and get this
place in the rearview mirror ASAP.
Enoch: what?!
because of Jarvis
Carrie: Of course because of Jarvis. How does a dead man come back to life?
And to hide something like this from us the way they did?
And why is he dead anyway? Devra too? And what about Hank?
We could be next.
Enoch: you're being paranoid.
we are part of something amazing.
as for the jarvis thing.
i'm not buying it, and if i did buy it…
Carrie: you know I love you, but seriously stop.
we need to start thinking about what's next
for us
Sent at 11:55 PM on Sunday
Carrie: enoch?
Enoch: yes.
Carrie: please just think about it.
we're already out here. we could go into the alps.
work play.
be safe.
be away from this.
Enoch: yes.
i'll think about it.
Carrie: ty….
that's all i want.
This chat is no longer off the record
Sent at 12:02 AM on Monday


Additional Information

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