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Fan and Ni talk about Hulong's options for advancement after IQTech publicizes their regional agent data technology.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
File ID - AERC8BQT2D3G3CEVIT Reverse, rearrange to get 2tqb8creativec3g3d

Bottom of the doc - urevqwihrckivmrzmgrxxgsivvavrtsgu
Atbash - fivejdrsixprenianticcthreezeightf
Replace preniantic with Whydah - 5jdr6whydahc3z8f

On the left side f3b6df0b7f99dff3eeddf67ed9f9f3fd99ff3e6df9
\\ Left side some braille is seen
Reading it gives 39355393509557233635593550
Rows of 2, read first column down, second column up. Hex to ascii 3yyr3spyv7p3y

On the right side


Security Clearance: TOP SECRET
Item Description: COMINT Network Intercept
Point of Origin: Shanghai, China
Time of Origin: 06:18:49 UTC
Surveillance Subjects:
Fan, Catherine (Hulong Transglobal}
Ni, Yuen (Hulong Transgblobal)
00:00:00  NI   You called for me?
00:00:02  FAN  Where do we stand?
00:00:03  NI   I'm sorry?
00:00:04  FAN  The XM business. The one you promised would establish Hulong as a leader on the world stage,
               with your help. Lynton-Wolfe was a disaster and now IQTech is in the headlines shipping new XM
               tech globally.
               Funny how well things have gone for IQTech since you showed up here.
00:00:18  NI   I'm doing by best. We can't win every battle.
00:00:22  FAN  Wrong answer. I've made promises to the highest level officials. Where do you think the capital
               comes from for this building, the labs, the factories, your salary? We promised global 
               leadership, Ms. Ni. What's your strategy?
00:00:30  NI   We should leapfrog. There is no point competing with existing technology.
00:00:34  FAN  Tell me something I don't know.
00:00:36  NI   We should shut down all our research threads except one. We accelerate our next generation
               project and move it to production fast enough to remind the world that we are a force to be 
               reckoned with.
00:00:43  FAN  Which project has the potential to put us ahead of the United States and deliver on the promise
               of XM technology to the Chinese people?
00:00:48  NI   We both know the answer to that, unfortunately it's also the most risky.
00:00:52  FAN  Chaotic Matter? The stuff that killed half of our staff in Bangkok?
00:00:55  NI   No one else has our expertise. Yes the research is volatile but the opportunity is immense. No
               one understands the effects of Chaotic Matter yet. Based on what we know about Exotic Matter,
               it's likely to have wide ranging effects on humans. Some of those are bound to be positive.
00:01:07  FAN  You had better be right. The after-effects of the Lynton-Wolfe affair have been ... messy. 
               The Thai Health Ministry is asking questions. And word of the setback is spreading domestically
               as well. There were some posts on Weibo.
00:01:18  NI   We are rebuilding. I have dealt with the Minister. His daughter was just admitted to Stanford.
               His wife is very happy.
00:01:24  FAN  If Hulong survives, the losses will be forgotten.
00:01:28  NI   I'll inform Smith.

Additional Information

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