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NIantic Project X post

A back-channel deal may mean the difference between life and death for +Devra Bogdanovich.



00:00:00 HUbert Farlowe

00:00:01 Director.

00:00:02 Not my title anymore.

00:00:05 Too bad. It always suited you.

00:00:09 It's about Devra. I know you are… loyal… to her.

00:00:16 I'm Listening.

00:00:18 We brought her to Hulong. She created a disruption. I had to ask that she be removed, but I suspect there are some who are planning to… harm her, grievously. I don't want that to happen.

00:00:35 I tracked her to Australia, but I'm having trouble dialing into an exact location. It would be really helpful if you could give me one.

00:00:45 You tracked her? How?

00:00:48 I'm a tracker? More importantly, I'm a sensitive. The minute she experienced fear, I picked her up. I'm guessing she's afraid of whoever she is with, and I'm guessing that's Smith.

00:01:04 I'll tell you where she is, but I need Smith back alive.

00:01:09 He doesn't kill Devra, I don't kill him.

00:01:13 I have your word?

00:01:15 You have to ask?

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