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Posted on Niantic Project G+ 14 December 2013

Hidden Info
In plaintext at the bottom inverted 6zzb7comintw652t

In the 2nd image under ADA's line - 2c 1b1 2a 2a1 d1 4 c b2 4 c 3a c2 c2 2c a
number = number of dots letter = number of slashs. Morse to get 2puf9hozhov882t

file id - AGILN6HSV85U78XMTNES 
groups of 5, columnar transpose in order 03214. Read in order 1032: 6VSH8ALIGNMENTS587UX 6vsh8alignments587u

On border left in the 1st image some pixels are visible

On the top right of the 2nd image
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