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Persons of Interest

Posted on Dec. 5, 2012
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Hidden Info

Hidden Info
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On the side of the thumbnail image for sharing you can see written 4yb7secretsz9r4t which is a passcode
Hidden Info 2
In the image itself on Devra bit of the information we can see
Per the Zurich report (4RB:II)
(Archive File Photo ID y8q2w)
Putting it all together we ge the passcode 4rb2zurichy8q2w.

On Roland bit we have hidden in the query field - 2wc2dalbyr2w2q

There is also this under his image
(Archive File Photo ID #9sh7z2y2w)
Adding Jarvis first name (Roland) we get 9sh7rolandz2y2w
Hidden Info 3
In the EXIF info of the image we have
5xm 10j ejp njq w8a 7d
Using the fisrt 5 as a hint if we shift all of it -5 we obtain 5sh5ezekielr3v2y


Database Query

Found 1 results for BOGDANOVICH + NIANTIC

Related: NIANTIC PROJECT | PROJECT WHYDAH | SETI | CALVIN, EZEKIEL Database: NIA Persons of Interest Filed by: Agent #D993 (Owen, K.) Record: ABZ8235315315 Last Update: 12.04.2012.14.57.33 Subject: DR. BOGDANOVICH, DEVRA Clearance: TS NIANTIC LEGERDEMAIN

Dr. Bogdanovich was recruited from Stanford University to head the Niantic Project.

Physically attractive and disarming to colleagues, she remains the leading researcher in quantum biology. She was not aware of NIA involvement in Niantic at the time her service was engaged, however that may no longer be the case.

Per the Zurich report (4RB:II), Dr. Bogdanovich is believed to have been one of the murder victims at Zurich Hauptbahnhof. However, given the mysterious nature of those events (including but not limited to her body not being found) and the lack of independent verification of her presence at the location, her death remains unconfirmed at this time. Suspicion that Dr. Bogdanovich has gone rogue remain.

All further inquiries into Dr. Bogdanovich must be submitted to the Director. Per Director orders, all information pertaining to this Persons of Interest report remains Classified.

(Archive File Photo ID y8q2w)

Database Query

Found 1 results for ROLAND + JARVIS + NIANTIC

Related: NIANTIC PROJECT | SENSITIVE TRACKING | CALVIN, EZEKIEL | ZURICH Database: NIA Persons of Interest Filed by: Agent #D993 (Owen, K.) Record: ABZ8235512655 Last Update: 12.04.2012.15.39.17 Subject: JARVIS, ROLAND Clearance: TS NIANTIC FILAMENT

Roland Jarvis was a sculptor who believed the inspiration for his works was channeled to him by the Shapers. He was a collector of classic automobiles.

Evidence suggests that he shared a close bond with Dr. Devra Bogdanovich. Evidence also suggests that they were co-conspirators in their escape from the Niantic Project Laboratory in Geneva, and traveled together to Zurich Hauptbahnhof by rail on the evening of the event known internally as Epiphany Night.

Jarvis is on record as having reported that his work and life were empowered by what he called “the Shapers”. This may have started when he was a child, and his maligned sculptures may have been attempts to channel trans dimensional anomalies. He is suspected of leading what is being referred to as the “symp” movement from beyond the grave. Independent verification is ongoing, but XM phenomena seem a likely explanation - that they could facilitate such communication has up until now only been theorized. The victim of foul play in Zurich, Jarvis is believed to have been neutralized.

(Per Director’s orders, all files with local law enforcement have been scrubbed, information pertaining to this Persons of Interest report is Classified).

(Archive File Photo ID #9sh7z2y2w)


Additional Information

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