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Off the Grid


Glas and Pevtsov talk about Jahan pushing Smith away.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info


Header Omnivore . syslog && Signal log.init **Main Body** GLAS: I have some news that you may not have. PEVTSOV: Yet. GLAS: Yet. Of Course. PEVTSOV: We will assume that our collaborators will be sharing information as per our agreement. GLAS: And one must also assume an audience at all times? PEVTSOV: Without a doubt. GLAS: In that case, I expect you will receive some news from Yuen Ni in the coming days. PEVTSOV: What of? GLAS: Jahan pushed Smith away some time ago to pursue her N'zeer machinery on her own. PEVTSOV: I'm aware this is old news. GLAS: Yes, but Hulong continued to track her. She explored dozens of catacombs near the Persepolis site. She would spend days underground at a time, then emerge. Then start again. Excavating, exploring, returning empty handed and then starting again. PEVTSOV: Interesting, so she was not certain of her path. GLAS: It seems not. Ancient legends and such, there may be some room for error. But most recently, they have completely lost track of her. PEVTSOV: She disappeared? GLAS: PEVTSOV: GLAS: PEVTSOV: GLAS: PEVTSOV: GLAS: Signal log.end


Additional Information

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