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 -->​Hidden Info# -->​Hidden Info#
 +File ID - AWG7R4W6QUG9DR \\ 
 +Break in half swap order\\ ​
 +**6qug9drawg7r4w**\\ ​
 +Playing with the levels reveals on the top right 2nmpc9ttaernhet5kc \\ 
 +Triplets- 2nm pc9 tta ern het 5kc \\ 
 +Start with the first second third first second third of each set: 2nm c9p att ern eth c5k\\ 
 +**2nmc9patterne3c5k**\\ ​
 +On the left side - tethrsneefofpurkvasseixcrs \\ 
 +Two rows of 13. Move the first row forward one space. Starting with the first letter of the first row, read odd columns, then read even columns for '​threefpkvsecretsnfourasixs\\ ​
 +**3fpk5secretsn4a6s**\\ ​
 +Under Visur Network Surveillance there is some braille \\ 
 +transcription:​ febayuhzzmasteriongsbgbkyvvbxu \\ 
 <-- <--
 ---- ----
 ===== Transcript ===== ===== Transcript =====
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