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Posted on Niantic Project G+ November 27, 2013


Hidden Info
5083836652686582758451545790. Groups of 2 , decimal to ASCII to get 2ssb4darkt369z

Dots in the logo. Treat as binary (black=0 white =1).
Read left-to-right, top-to-bottom. solves to '9uufeightcovcomzfour74p.
Also count the number of pixels in each line.
16 2 1 24 19 10 5 0 0 14 21 9 17 21 22 3
Do a reverse number to letters (z=0) to get 9xyb6puzzleq843w

Dots under top-secret. Align and flip vertically to read braille for 7tsf9pmcp984z

Dots under How did she at 00:00:12

Reading the braille , interpreting Green as capital letters and blue as non- capital we get N3RyYTdpbnRlbHY2OTR1 that is base64 for 7tra7intelv694u

Pixels under transcription. Do the jigsaw to get 2quh4mistys246q
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