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 -->​Hidden Info# -->​Hidden Info#
 +At the bottom in braille \\ 
 +Braille to numbers, groups of three, delete leading zeroes, then split each group into two numbers. Keep first digit intact, replace second digit with the difference between the two numbers. Decimal to ascii. \\ 
 +**5hct6followc5d9f** \\ 
 +On the bottom right corner of page 2 \\ 
 +Replace the shaper glyphs with the word glyphs \\
 +**9utk5glyphsn5z6r** \\ 
 +Also on page 2 in the Hulong logo \\ 
 +Replace the symbols with the word symbol \\ 
 <-- <--
 ---- ----
 ===== Transcript ===== ===== Transcript =====
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