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Misty Anomaly


Calvin and Lynton-Wolfe discuss the details of the Misty Anomaly

Hidden Info

Hidden Info


Lynton-Wolfe: Dr. Calvin
As I had mentioned
The Resistance victory at the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue on 03/09
Caused the anomaly to ripple
Sent at 02:01 AM on Monday This chat is off the record
Calvin: you have an update?.
Lynton-Wolfe: Yes. The anomaly has changed locations, my guess is it is regressing to somewhere deeper in Misty's past.
Calvin: what are the facts?
Lynton-Wolfe: Here is the new location.
Lynton-Wolfe has attached an image.

Lynton-Wolfe: Satellite view of the same.
Lynton-Wolfe has attached an image.

Calvin: explain the changes to me.
Lynton-Wolfe: The anomaly is now temporal as well as spatial.
The contributing portals are those inside the red border, there are 15 in total.
The key portal, the UT Austin Texas Tower, is circled in red.
The event state will be determined every half hour for 2 hours leading up to sunset.
Calvin: what are the 'win' conditions?
Lynton-Wolfe: Capturing the key portal in a field, with the outermost field dominating.
Failing that, by capturing the majority of the contributing portals.
Both of these will be measured at the 5 distinct moments in time, and all 5 outcomes will be factored.
The anomaly will end at sunset.
Calvin: Clarify this for me. So there will be five separate moments where control will matter?
Lynton-Wolfe: Exactly. Given that sunset on that date is at 7:02 PM, the state of the anomaly will be measured at: 5:02PM, 5:32PM, 6:00 PM, 6:32PM and finally at 7:02PM.
Calvin: ok thx I'll update Phillips.
Lynton-Wolfe: and Dr. Calvin
Calvin: yes?
Lynton-Wolfe: with regards to Misty, after 3/9 the XM activity around her is off the charts.
Calvin: ada, keyhole and omnivore are all standing by at priority 1.
if she manages to pull it off, we'll be watching. and we'll contain her, fast.
we have eyes everywhere.


Additional Information

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