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Micro Wormhole

Posted on Dec. 6, 2012

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Hidden Info

Hidden Info
Messing around with the level of the image we can obtain these 2 strings.

Gronsfeld cipher the first one with 959 (obtained from “9:56, lasted 3 seconds“)
Returns string: sevenzcfiveSINErfourzfourz, or 7zc5siner4z4z.
Replace the word sine with wave and we get 7zc5waver4z4z

Picking up the sqiigjgabvlxywabsqiifavbm string if we vigenere it with the word nine we get
fivetbtwonytlonxfivessixz, or 5tb2nytlonx5s6z
“nytlon” is an anagram for “lynton” (Lynton Wolfe)


Additional Information

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