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This transcript shows a person with a redacted name asking Ken Owen for help with clean up at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
A commentor on the original thread discovered the third box to be improperly redacted by manipulating the color curves reveals the first name to begin with an “S”.

File ID - 6HBS7000000Y4J4D
000000 = black. Replace it with blackops

Top left corner - MYUQQX9H IDTS2AN4

Under the 3rd line of the chat - 306260D270127057307328072803280720
Pairs, read down the columns. Get the prefix and suffix from hex. the values 202020 are the black color. A hint to dark matter or chaotic matter.

In the Hulong logo - 3eor9dpwfse9w4e
Rot -1 2dnq8coverd8v3d. cover = converup



The clean up help requested is implied to be Lucky Louie, the unlucky would-be assassin whose body was discovered in the Nevada desert. The call appears to be made from a cell phone.

Additional Information

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