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Hiding Behind Facades (Don't Lie)


Stein emails Misty about the sense that Roland Jarvis has returned, their new abilities and the Enlightened.


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Don't lie. And I don't say that to offend you. I think you know what I mean. We are the same in many ways, you and me. Both of us hide behind facades we have created because we have to protect ourselves. But no more.

Since his reappearance, I've been feeling a renewed sense of power and connection to XM. Its like Epiphany Night, only now I have the serenity that comes with control. And I know you are experiencing it too, because I feel you within the XM.

Not like mind-reading, or whatever illusions you can conjure. No. It's more like I can share your emotions. And I know that you are afraid what they will do to you if they know where your sympathies lie.

But I want to help you. Together, we can reveal our true selves as among the enlightened. Just imagine what that can mean for us both. You don't have to tell me. After you read this, I will know.



Hidden Information

Hidden Information

Additional Information

On her G+ account, Misty Hannah clarifies her relationship with Stein Lightman

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