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 ====== Forever ====== ====== Forever ======
- +**[[investigation:​timeline:​01_2014#​Jan ​29 2014|Posted ​January ​29, 2014]]**\\ 
-Posted ​29 January 2014 +[[https://​​105211554081025512763/​posts/​LkhUHfnwGYq|Original Link]]\\
 {{investigation:​documents:​forever.png?​200}} {{investigation:​documents:​forever.png?​200}}
 ---- ----
 +===== Synopsis =====
 ===== Translation ===== ===== Translation =====
-Translation provided by ada rine in the comments+Translation provided by aza rine in the comments
 [[https://​​105211554081025512763/​posts/​LkhUHfnwGYq|Original Link]] [[https://​​105211554081025512763/​posts/​LkhUHfnwGYq|Original Link]]
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 proper translation,​ as above is a machine/​ocr:​ proper translation,​ as above is a machine/​ocr:​
 Edit: fixed typos/​capitalization and couple of errors. Edit: fixed typos/​capitalization and couple of errors.
 **Pevstov:​** Mr. Nagassa.\\ **Pevstov:​** Mr. Nagassa.\\
 **Nagassa:​** Who's this?\\ **Nagassa:​** Who's this?\\
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 **Nagassa:​** The risks are incredibly high, but if you are ready for them, there is some potential.\\ **Nagassa:​** The risks are incredibly high, but if you are ready for them, there is some potential.\\
 **Pevstov:​** Would you like to try?\\ **Pevstov:​** Would you like to try?\\
 ---- ----
 ===== Hidden Information ===== ===== Hidden Information =====
 +-->​Hidden Info#
 +File ID - fgiioplompofnnholpppqjpnknkjpkgpmg \\ 
 +Playing with the levels reveals at the bottom 5441460140114241a3268016306485b4 \\ 
 +Near the bottom in the middle of the chat 7enpfe4n4v2owh \\ 
 +Split as 7 en pf e4 n4 v2 ow h. Read each uneven group and then the even. Replace owen with ken\\ 
 +**7pfn4kene4v2h**\\ ​
 +On the left side 84508157696982858480768567835289787453 \\ 
 +Pairs, decimal to ASCII , reverse\\ ​
 +On the right side juzerek2n6u7cwh7 \\ 
 +===== Additional Information =====
 +{{tag>​documentschat jan2014 visur ilya_pevtsov yuri_alaric_nagassa Patterning}}
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