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posted December 27, 2013

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Hidden Info

Hidden Info
File ID - 3T67-4RMQ-3AAQ-SQNH
Groups of 4 read from top to bottom right to left 7qqh6mantraq343s

Braille under the logo . Flip vertically and read to get 3urd9constructt762p

Morse like on the right side. Align the lines, flip and you get 7wqh2quasit838p

Left border EUPFM1FHLYP1M3M4Z
split like this E UPF M1 FHL Y P1 M3 M4 Z, Niantic math (E=8 M1=8-1=7 P1=8+1 , etc ) replace FHL with felicia 8upf7feliciay954z

Bottom border x1x555358214427362548214x2135554322275
Reverse, replace each number t with 10-t (x=10), pairs, decimal to ascii 5xwa7operativer972z



Additional Information

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