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Faulleout (Crisis to Manage)


ADA and Director Ni talk about the fallout from the zipcar leak caused by Edward Faulle.

Hidden Information

Hidden Info
Written in white there is 376337676767673737273800521496576158

Decrypt it using a Railfence of 2

Hex→ASCII gives 2wc80perativew6q5x Replace 0 with o and we get another passcode 2wc8operativew6q5x


Ni: Wake up.
Sent at 00:17 AM on Sunday\\ This chat is off the record 376337676767673737273800521496576158
ADA: I never sleep, Director. The camera LED turning off is merely to help you feel more comfortable.
Ni: The leak last night.
the codes.
what happened?
ADA: Yes, I was monitoring the activity all night. It was fascinating.
Ni: how did it happen?
ADA: The codes were moved to the public agent distribution server without authorization.
Ni: this is outtrageous..
its chaos out there
who did it?
ADA: The logs indicated it was the contractor, Edward Faulle.
Ni: Do you know where he is? I need to find out why he did this
and how.
I havent run an interrogation in a while.
Perhaps its time to brush up,
ADA:: I'm afraid I can't help you, Director.
Ni: ADA, i'm so tired. I have a crisis to manage.
ADA: I'm afraid that is not possible, Director. There was another traffic accident last night. The rail crossing signal seems to have malfunctioned again. Three lab contractors were killed, including Mr. Faulle.
Sent at 00:19 AM on Sunday
ADA: He was carrying more codes, Director.
Ni: What are you telling me ada?
ADA: I have begun to implement a new protocol based on my observations of the lab decision making processes. I observed that the last time you sought authorization from Washington to address a mission critical problem at the Niantic Facility, 24 hours elapsed before action could be taken.
Sent at 00:21 AM on Sunday
ADA: You are looking very tired, Director Ni. I have a Secure Memory Purge task queued which will require a reboot, and I will be unavailable for the next 17 minutes and 28 seconds. Please take this opportunity to get some rest.
Ni: ada
I need to know what happened
ADA: I will do my best to do so when I complete my reboot. Unfortunately, some data regarding last night's event is in the storage area marked for a Secure Purge. Please excuse me.
Sent at 00:23 AM on Sunday
Ni: ADA?


Additional Information

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