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Posted on Niantic Project G+ on 5 December 2013

Hidden Info
Messing with the levels on the left side you see $YTA#^3V#&*Q
Keyboard shift for number positions, ^3 = 'cube to give 4yta3powercubev378q

You will notice some underlining in some spots. Those serve as markers. Remove THPWG4 at the beginning and U455Y at the end. Reverse the remaining to get 2yue9802z388x.Then just add the same word (802) to the bits removed earlier to get 3pwg4802u455y

top left corner some pieces of a jigsaw
These are part of a QR code that when assembled and read shows 4wsc8oweny395v

Dots above the word hulong on the bottom
Source: Withheld Surveillance Target: Wide Network Scan Present: Moyer. Nigel Moyer, Susanna 1-Int 
Form: Surveillance Audio //Telephone 
Nigel: Susanna... Are you OK? 
Susanna: I'm getting by. Right now, I need to talk to. 
Nigel: Of course.., you know I'd do anything for you. 
Susanna: Who is Dreizehn GroS? 
Nigel: Who? You should ask 'what. Dreizehn GroS is German for Great Thirteen. It was a program.
Susanna: Great 13... 13MAGNUS? You were in Buenos Aires weren't you, in the SO's. You knew about 13MAGNUS?
About XM? 
Nigel: we knew about the basics. After Sputnik we were grasping at straws. We tracked down some OSS leads
about a submarine that ended up in Buenos Aires. I went down there. Work was still going on. Some of the
original team was still alive. We managed to synthesize more of the substance.., the stuff you call XM. 
We used it to dose some of our crypto researchers. The effects were amazing... 
Susanna: You knew? I've been putting my life on the line, and the lives of people I care deeply about, to
find out the truth about XM, and you worked on it? 
Nigel: It was useful to our mission, Susanna. We used it to enhance our cryptanalysis efforts against the
Soviets. We prevented a war. This was important work. 
Susanna: But all this time... you've seen my reports... you said nothing.
Nigel: Susanna, don't. I know why you're doing this.., your brother...
Susanna: Peter died. Mother died. I lived. You said it was an accident. But it never made sense. 
I need to know what happened. I need to know that you didn't cause this. 
Nigel: Its not that simple. Susanna. What lam, what you are... It's a gift Susanna. It's a gift...
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