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Public Project (dbnews)

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Posted on Dec. 4, 2012

Hidden Info

Hidden Info

Over the word quantum we got 8xa9 p8q8t. Putting together we get 8xa9quantump8q8t.

On a previous version of the document the letters were 2qc5 u2u5x giving us 2qc5quantumu2u5x. The weird thing about this is this passcode has been around since 19th of November with no known source. And this image was published on the board on the 4th of December.
Hidden Info 2

There are some coloured dots in some letters. Their hexadecimal values are :

P: 337166
o: 376465
b: 767261
M: 733774
o: 347a00

Converting from hexadecimal to ASCII we get 3qf7devras7t4z


Additional Information

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