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Posted June 4, 2013

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Hidden Info

Hidden Info


Using a rot 13 we get

CC: u r really saying that reh, creator of Conan, knew about the Shapers? I buy that he was influenced by the Shapers. That’s obvious, Cross Plains is a ginormous Portal, but you think he knew about ordered data?

NOMAD: Not in the modern sense. He and HPL knew about a book called the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead). It was written at least in part in mysterious glyphs that drove men mad.

CC: Do we have this book?

NOMAD: No. very ugly history. 1-Page = Madness? Lovecraft said it was written by “The Mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred…

NOMAD: Deeper than that. HPL and REH were pen pals. Something Lovecraft said triggered Howard to start looking around his own back yard. Almost literally, in Cross Plains, Texas.

CC: That’s my understanding.

NOMAD: Theory: Howard found something In the writings of Frank Dobie. Regional author/historian. Dobie talked about a hidden mIne that the Spanish found.

CC: san sabo.
NOMAD: I think Howard found that mine. Howard wrote some crazy stuff about a lost valley, a civilization buried under the earth. I think he went there, to a real place, where he found something ancient.

CC: that's where you’re going.

NOMAD: yes


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