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Niantic Project G+ September 18, 2013

Hidden Info
At the bottom of the file WVSYSSTSWRTYSUTSSUSWSVTYSZWRWQWQSQ can be seen. Doing a conversion QRSTUVWXYZ ⇒ 9876543210 and then hex to text gets you 4qwg8augustap899y.

There are some pixels with the RGB values 520030 321301 252333 243230 133005 040032.
Split into pairs, and add 52 to every pair. Decimal to ASCI to get 4rta5mkultrar984t.

There is also hidden the string DQLWWNXMPEQNRXLAKSFL - UNSOLVED.

In the thumbanil there is some Braille. Swap row one and two and read to get 8wzh5blackopsv237y

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