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Posted May 19, 2015

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g+ POst from X Is this true? It seems possible…A member of +Operation Essex claims to have come upon this document during her research about Dr. +Edgar Allan Wright.

It seems that very little is known of Dr. Wright's history… if you have any information about his past, please share it. It's my hope that as a community we can reassemble the history of this enigmatic and influential figure.


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Conference Agenda Day Two * August 18

8:00 Continental Breakfast

9:00 Track 3: Dialtone Are we looking for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Wrong Place?

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has been going on for decades and thus far we have yet to establish, 'Dialtone'; verifiable non-random signals or two-way sustained contact with with non-human intelligence. Unitl now, the efforts of scientists and researchers have focused on electromagnetic signal detection using facilities such as the Arecibo Radio Telescope, but are we looking in the wrong place? Prominent figures in the search for 'Dialtone', Devra Bogdanovitch (Theoretical Life), Dr. Paul School (Cosmic Conversation), Dr. Edgar Wright (Poetry of Unknown Origin) and Dr. Victor Kureze (The Quantum Dialer), share their thoughts on new frontiers in the pursuit of communication from alternate intelligences in the universe.

Panel Sponsors: - The Reason Foundation - Dr. Ezekiel Calvin of the A. Doria Institute


3:00 Networking and Refreshment Break

3:15 track 5: Owening the Story Magnetic and Anti-Magnetic Communications

Positive or negative. Emotional or rational. Inflammatory or reassuring? What draws people to a conversation? What pushes them away from meaningful dialogue? When are these different strategies useful? Respected media consultant Ken Owens (Topical Magnetism) discusses news, the perception of news, and how communication strategies can be represented as physical forces. How to (information lost as article is torn) people away from (more lost as article is torn) Ow


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