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Susanna Moyer's past - Part II of II

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
In the description
Reverse string and run-length alternating between 0 and 1. Split into three rows of pairs, and read as braille

In the tags d3g8ytcurtvconsiryv8
4 groups of 5, reverse first and third groups, reverse product string, replace IV with 4 to satisfy passcode format.

In the tags 9wobgtgn42ovc6n
Split into rows of 3 and read in the non-obvious way. 2gbw9congon6v4t

In the tags a5x9rh5ggv7ohzo Move the h to it's obvious position, reverse suffix

In the tags 8eilzi0ymnnw0juhhv1bvdne

Some whispers are heard at 3 minutes


Additional Information

Moyer's Past Part 1


Here is the second, significantly more revealing portion of the audio-file revealing Susanna Moyer's history.

Among other fascinating things, this recording reveals one of the rawest nerves in Susanna's past: Her relationship with her father, Nigel Moyer, and her tragic first encounter with Exotic Matter and its Shaping power.

Susanna Moyer is perhaps one of the first children of an XM-aware and XM-enriched generation, blessed with all its potential and cursed with all its threats.

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