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Susanna Moyer's past - Part I of II

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
On the Twitter post
Six and n are starting locations. Each other tells how far from the starting location to move, and what direction.

On the Twitter post
numbers = number of slashes
letters to numbers (a=1) and then number of dots
\ are spaces. Morse reads as 7ute6ezekielg9v7h

In the description f6hacpdtz6a6art5mi
Move f to end of string, split into pairs, read every other pair. 6hpd6artifactz6a5m

In the tags 2zyx2delilahq2f3t
Replace delilah with turing due to it being a secure speech device co-developed by Alan Turing

In the tags ayv3ine6ramgg7o6
Groups of 4, reverse each group 3vya6enigmar6o7g


Additional Information

Moyer's Past Part 2


We've often speculated on Susanna Moyer's past. She exerts every effort to keep it concealed.

It seems one evening, perhaps after a day shooting the report, she allowed her defenses to slip. Someone from her team convinced her to begin to reveal her past to him, and he captured it on a portable recording device.

One thing I've learned is that once something has been captured on tape, disk or in any kind of medium, it becomes almost impossible to undo.

This recording reveals, among other things, how Susanna was first recruited to the NIA.

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