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 +So, how did an obvious hustler and charlatan like myself get invited to something like the Niantic Project? The answer’s simple. I’m not a hustler. I actually know my stuff. I actually believe what I’m saying – at least most of it. I was a PhD student in physics, doing Kabbalah and Christian Alchemy – yeah, there was such a thing – at night. I began to see that they were the same thing. I started noticing that there were energy fields, Anomalies on Earth, all around me. I started finding old symbols and drawings in the classics library room where the ancients were seeing or feeling the same thing as I was. Nowadays, we use extremely sensitive equipment, but they, back in their day, still maintained their ‘instinct’ for very minute things in the electromagnetic sphere. We can’t feel them now, for the same reason we can’t talk to the animals. As we became more human, we gave up skills – and, let’s add to that, there is so much disturbance in the atmosphere that it’s almost impossible to pick anything up. So many radio waves, microwaves, airplanes overhead, emails coming in on cellphones – so much chaos that we can’t hear anything. You can’t even go out in the desert to get away from it anymore like the old prophets did. The truth is that sometimes, when I get into a deep enough state of meditation, I can feel the energy from the Portals, even through all the chaos. It’s rare. But it happens. It wasn’t always rare. People could ‘feel’ energy. They could ‘feel’ wormholes. They attributed the energy to ‘The God.’ Why do you think that shrines, temples, and places of worship are often found in very odd places? It wasn’t until the modern age that we started just putting things in arbitrary places where they fit onto a grid. “Hey, let’s put a statue in this shopping mall because the ‘city fathers’ said we had to in the bid.” That’s the way we treat art now. It wasn’t always that way. It used to be that art would find the Portals... But then something very strange happened. It seems that the Portals started moving to find the art. And when I noticed that phenomenon, I realized that there was an intelligent force behind the Portal. Intelligent force. Try defining that. Try selling that to anybody. Doesn’t work. Everybody will either think you’re crazy or you’re a fake. I decided that being perceived as a fake is better than being perceived as crazy. And, parading around as an obvious fraud has its other advantages. It’s the quantum physics version of hiding in plain sight. It’s social camouflage, because this isn’t an exact science. Sometimes I can ‘feel’ the Portals, and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I’m wrong. As I said before, with all of the chaos in the electromagnetic spectrum it’s very easy to get false readings. It’s no more accurate than predicting the weather or medical diagnosis. Strange thing about science... Everything went bad when people started perceiving science as truth. Science isn’t ‘truth’,​ it’s a statement of the best guess we can make at any particular moment as to how something works.
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