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Posted February 02, 2014

Original Link
G+ link

stems - wind - Original Link /

stems - noise - Original Link /

stems - melody synth - Original Link /

stems - ending melody - Original Link /

stems - drums - Original Link /

stems - chords - Original Link /

stems - bloops - Original Link /

stems - bass - Original Link /

stems - arp - Original Link /


Enoch Dalby music Duplicity.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
Looking at the spectrogram for the wind.wav audio file, you see the numbers 75 105 49 86 81 80.

Decimal to ASCII gives Ki1VQP . This is a hint to the link where the image cleaning is found

Bottom left corner - UvwA2jNBPLgzZ utBQ5MnJHMm
Join the strings, Reverse it and reverse the letters casing MmhjNm5qbTUzZGlpbnJ2aWVu
Base 64 to ASCII - 2hc6njm53diinrvien
Rows of 2, read from top 1st column and from bottom the 2nd

Top left corner - 9jth3hx5t5chunc
Split: 9jth3/hx5t5/chunc. Move h to end, rearrange: 9jth3/x5t5c/hunch

Top right corner - to2q5hau2uia6vry
Groups of 2 and rearrange the groups possible to spell viator,Rerrange the others to make a passcode format (can be ambiguous). Replace viator with Hank

Authorised ID - 97r2manboel9wpuy
Groups of 4. Reverse 2nd and 4th row. Read top to bottom, left to right.

Dots next to the fee
Rotate them 180 degrees to get braille, groups of 3, octal


Additional Information

The music had the following description

competing forces within us.
lie in wait.
their moment will come.
we will be unable to resist our inner hunger.

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