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Operation Event Horizon

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-+-+-+- INCOMING TRANSMISSION -+-+-+- Decrypting > > > > > Decryption complete Message Begins…

Operation EVENT HORIZON - Interim SitRep

An event horizon is the point of no return, where nothing, not even light, can escape.

In the early hours of Sunday 26 January, Ingress Resistance agents in UK, Ireland, Belgium, Faroe Islands and France initiated Operation EVENT HORIZON.

This was an operation to gain the maximum amount of MU for the Resistance and make sure that anyone underneath the fields was under no illusions who was in control. We aimed to create 7 megafields over Ireland and 19 megafields over the UK. Apart from one link failing (and it's associated field) due to the portal being 1km short of range, we completed our sequence of 51 links. France weren't able to complete their sequence, but got a large part of their fields completed.

MU Totals
Ireland = 13,657,615 MU
France = 113,214,478 MU
UK = 517,903,908 MU

Total MU count for UK, Ireland and France was:
644,776,001 MU !

The worldwide Resistance score at the completion of the fields was 1,293,076,998 MU and the Enlightened score was 554,508,100 MU. Operation EVENT HORIZON accounted for 49.86% of the Resistance score around the world, and 34.9% of ALL MU worldwide! Put one way, this single operation DOUBLED the Resistance score through concentrated layers of fields. Put another way, it accounted more over one third of ALL MU claimed around the world at that time!

The plan was in development since the beginning of December, and actively progressed in the last 6 weeks. It involved international travel, collaboration and contacts built up for Unight8 back in Nov 2013. There were many agents in diverse roles such as planning, key farming, key transits, Intel operations, link channel clearance and deploying. The following agents were key to the success of the operation:

Primary Planning and UK Co-ordination:@ZenithUK
Primary Ireland Co-ordination:@irishstu
Primary Belgium Co-ordination:@NorthernLoop
Primary France Co-ordination@ Arael
UK Intel Operator lead:@AnandaUK

Ireland Deployment Team:@irishstu, @bartender, @NovoC, @hjundaj, @curuslulus, @Eldering, @DrCrippen, @rojer9

Cornwall Deployment Team:@ZenithUK, @LadyU, @Nightwerks, @virtek, @Scarabanza

Belgium Deployment Team:@NorthernLoop, @yzz, @DirkTas67, @CForce, @zonnypon, @TheHater

Faroes Islands Deployment:@Swatch

Many others to be fully credited for their help and sacrifice in the full Operation SitRep
Agent ZenithUK, of the UK Resistance, signing off.


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