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Operation Harald Hårfagre

January 28, 2014

Enlightened Operation that fielded 1,973,882 in Norway as part as #Lighthouse

Operation: Harald Hårfagre ( #OpHH )
Objective: Field Norway
Status: Success!
MU: 1,973,882
Area: ~ 1 256 300 km²
Summary: Operation #Lighthouse shines on in the far north. Through the cooperation of dozens of agents in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands, the Enlightened accomplished a set of fields that covered mainland Norway, including:
All cities of Norway
The northern-, southern-, eastern- and westernmost points of Norway
The 200 largest mountain peaks

99% of the population

In addition, the fields covered huge parts of Svalbard and Sweden, as well as smaller parts of Denmark, Finland and the Færøe Islands.

Writeup: No big deed comes completely out of nowhere. Throughout the first year of Ingress, the Norwegian Enlightened have attempted many operations, most of them with great success. Agents have cooperated in the daily struggle for local control of mind units, in exchanging of keys and in the transport of bursters/power cubes to areas where the Resistance has the upper hand. Throughout it all, bonds have been forged and structures have been put in place.

To place the crown jewel in a string of firsts in Norway, the Enlightened heard a calling. From the deep wells of history we could hear the voice of our ancestral saga king: “Hear ye, oh Enlightened of my kingdom! Follow in my footsteps, overcome the Resistance as I did and unite my kingdom once again.” Perhaps it was exposure to XM, perhaps it was too much mead and aquavit for Christmas or perhaps it was that we saw something that simply had to be done. No matter the cause, operation Harald Hårfagre was born. Skål!

After weeks of planning, the most viable plan was chosen. Existing links from #DuGrønneGlitrende and anchor points in Denmark and the Færøe Islands would be used. Population centers were avoided, but cutting through Sweden would be absolutely essential. This crowning achievement of Norwegian Enlightened would rely on an alliance with the other viking kingdoms, and they answered the call like true brothers in arms! We are forever grateful. A very special shoutout to the Finnish crew who scrambled with less than a day’s notice to take out a Resistance blocker that popped up in remote parts of Northern Sweden the day before the op.
While southern Norway would be fieldable from #Lighthouse s in Denmark and the Færøe Islands, the great North called for extreme measures. Capitalizing on an unutilized, link-amped Resistance L7 portal in Longyearbyen, Svalbard a few months back. Crowdfunding of frequent flyer miles and Norwegian kroner, put one “lucky” agent on a plane to icy Svalbard on Op day. Braving the threat of polar bears, Bergmannen portal was realigned with a Jarvis Virus 5 minutes before Zero hour.
Blocking links were removed along the 1775 km of mainland Norway, and through the North Sea and Sweden. Precision timing and teamwork from the Area Coordinators and their teams kept the lanes clear. A last minute blocker was resolved by recruiting a new L1 agent in a remote area, and some frantic last minute trailblazing. We have listed many agents, but the list is almost impossible to complete. This operation, while netting 1973882 MUs, was not about making nested giga fields to boost global MU count, but to be the first faction to be able to claim the entire kingdom at once. Of the many firsts, this one we are most proud.

Norway has been enlightened.

Thanks and much praise:
@dantien @EuroVisionary @qwertyqwerty @Aylore @KoenigDickBauch @Eng1 @Awathar @Wowwi @Itlandm @Knigge @LeonKowalski @Helheim @osevoll @SmItT3SeNtrALeN @slog1 @pxd @blazius @behydro @toHitAcZero @Stenerz1 @IamSnah @ErikViking @ZuluFoxtrot @FroViking @SnugglyPooh @leomwa @Fnystal @bckuhn @Motsognir @moeclas @whitenoice @DrWh0000 @perhenrik @pupp @Subvertz @mgarde @Tovbro @Madcain @Victoare @Agazzaca @Dragevenn @woha @Kakehund @jdahl @paveq @GaLaReN @Kima86 @theorandial @krvi @Blackfield @Fullmakt @Thumbling @TBagTOS @oyoy @Qumad

+Brandon Badger, your viking raiders have raised the bar yet again.

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