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Operation BudDhi

Posted February 4, 2014

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Buddhi denotes an aspect of mind that is higher than the rational mind and that is attracted to Brahman.

“BudDhi” also happens to be the handle of Agent +rahul michael who is no longer among us. In this game where we make links and connections between so many people, the loss of a fellow agent made us see the reality of life. The journey is short… Make the most of it. Make friends, spread happiness, make beautiful memories and enjoy every moment of it.

@BudDhi this op is for you.

This op is an effort by agents from Bangalore, Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, Rourkela, Hyderabad, Warangal, Chennai and Coimbatore led by +Sachin Shenoy (@sheldor).

The Goal

The Goal was to do an op that will really challenge us. These were some of the challenges of this op that excited us.

  • Do the first true 5 Billion MU Op (without counting any existing fields)
  • Send links through the heart of densely populated city of Bangalore.
  • Do the Op from an ingress active city than from a remote city.
  • Make India’s first 50+ layered Field.

Facts and Figures

  • The Op saw 109 links, 54 layers, 5.94 billion MU, with 5.3B+ MU coming from this Op alone.
  • The entire linking was executed in 64 minutes, among 4 cities. With Bangalore closing in 29 layers, each 90 million MU worth.
  • The op contributed 3.21B additional MU (only from this op) across the checkpoint.
  • As preparation for the Op, we had covered Bangalore in 2 layers.
  • We cleared Bangalore city to let links pass through. We used 17 ADA over all.
  • Cities used: Bangalore, Trichy, Nashik and Rourkela.
  • The city of Bangalore was in quarantine (no links to be made) for over a week.
  • Nashik had only 1 Enlightened agent, hence 3 agents from Mumbai and 1 from Pune travelled there.
  • Trichy had no resident Enlightened agent, hence 3 agents from Bangalore, and 1 agent from Chennai, and 1 from Germany travelled there :-).
  • The planning and execution of the Op took total of 2 months.
  • Every agent involved in the Op exactly knew the plan, and had full access to the main plan document.

Cities Used

  • Bangalore anchored 30 as per plan (but we dropped 4 portals hours before op was to start),
  • Trichy anchored 16 portals.
  • Nashik anchored 9 portals.
  • Rourkela anchored 6 portals.


The Operation was divided into four mini-ops to help keep things organized. They were, “Crosslink Op”, “Cover-up Op”, “Clean-up Op” and “Field-Op”.

The goal was to clear existing blue cross links and set up our own cross links, which can go down on request. We didn’t want to take down blue cross links too early, hence the plan was to do it just a day before the Field Op.

Since the links from Nashik to Rourkela were brushing the city of Nagpur, and there were few blue cross links standing there, Nagpur Agent,@BudDhi had agreed to clear it up for us.

Cross links from three other cities, Pune, Warangal, and Chennai were taken care by respective agents.

Cover-up Op:

The idea was to cover Bangalore in green so that new links can’t be formed, and in that secure green field we will execute the “Clean-up Op” where we tear down the thick link fabric of the city. And when we are ready, the covers will be removed and the links will be sent through the city.

We chose to put two layers over Bangalore, so that we have time to take evasive action if one layer were taken down. The layers were anchored far from the city, and yet the size of the layers were kept small, so that RES agents won’t take the trouble of taking it down immediately.

Also other cross links were established from various cities in anticipation of possible cross links from RES to keep ourselves safe.

Clean-up Op:

The chosen layer plan required 21 links to pass right through the heart of the city. ENL agents were thrilled by the prospect of this, and planned weeks ahead, documenting the portals and the regions where we had to clear crosslinks. Just a week before the Op was to happen, a quarantine was established all across bangalore, to avoid linking any portals that will eventually be a crosslink. This allowed most of the green links to die, saving us many ADA’s and making the cleanup easy.

Special thanks to Newbies, who despite having the eagerness to level up, stood by us by not making any links for a whole week!

When the covers came up by 6:00PM, Resistance were under the impression that we were doing this only for the regional win. During the cover period, we cleared only the Resistance cross links within the city and made it look only like we were making as many portals green. The ENL cross links were cleared with ADA’s only late in the night around 11:00PM so as to not raise any suspicion.

Field Op:

The plan was to make 119 links in 90 minutes, with 59 layers. Just before execution had to start, we had to drop 3 layers due to shortage of agents, and 1 layer as the portal got shifted. The new plan was to do 55 layers.

The cover as predicted stayed until the next day morning. Agents in Chennai, Warangal, Trichy and Coimbatore were ready at the respective portals, by morning 6:30am, to ADA the green cover and crosslinks we had established.

On 2nd Feb, 7:50AM IST, the cover was ADA’ed, and the Op started.

Nashik agents made the anchor links to rourkela, which set up the base for the fields. After they set up the first link, Bangalore started creating the inner fields in order. At the same time, Nashik quickly sent 14 links to Portals in Bangalore and 5 agents in trichy started sending links right through Bangalore to Nashik. The cleanup operation done on the previous day, was perfect, not a single link failed to go through the city. Once bangalore was done with its 28 layers in 33 minutes, Trichy took over the job of closing the fields. Due to an unforeseen issue during execution, we had to drop one layer in Trichy.

Op controller later said that it was a pleasure watching the team execute. The entire execution team worked like a well oiled machine, with no breaks or interruption. They were churning out one link after another like a pro, at a rate of about two links per minute till the end.

At the end we made 109 links and 54 layers, in under 64 minutes, and one of the greatest op we have experienced had just ended. There were huddle in the field, there were phone calls made, there were smiles exchanged - we all were soaking in the moment. After all it is the experience and journey that we were really after, the MU and field and the layers, were just a reason.

The Op Agents

Chennai - Cross link Op:
+Hemanth Kumar @Hemanthkumar
+Kowshik Vasudevan @cowkow
+sakthi v @archirine
+Ashwin Samuel @killcreek

Nagpur - Cross link Op:
+rahul michael @BudDhi

Rourkela - Keys:
+Soumya Ranjan Sahoo @TheRalph

Warangal - Cross link Op:
+Arjun Parsi @Savyasachi

Coimbatore - Coverup Op:
+Shiras Babu @Pacifi3r

Trichy - Crosslink, Cover & Field Op:
+Adhithya Rajagopalan @xadhix
+Vaibhav Kaul @vaiyach
+Andreas Stoll @weltok(Germany)
+Mukund Murali krishnan @theDriftKing
+Anirudh Rangarajan @00se7en

Bangalore - Clean-up Op & Field Op:
+N Ved @cyanox
+Jayshree Vedala @cyanokeet
+Animesh Modak @AgentHawk
+Ashutosh Dutta @ChanandlerBing
+Ashik Murthy @atombomb- Also lead Clean-up Op.
+Dhandeep Lodaya @djasdak- Also lead Cover-up Op.
+Sachin Shenoy @sheldor- Planner
+Naveen S @Alzh- Lead Clean-up Op.
+Mayur Tejsinghani @fuzion
+Shivani SP @TheAshenLady
+Varun Verma @d00mslayer
+Arjun B @cowherd- Hosting Poker nights
+KASHINATH ganapathy @kryptikdzyre
+Mehrzad Irani @timonti
+Abhishek Mahamrik @Ren3grade
+Shivangi Vyasulu @Floydified- Handled communication during quarantine.
+Mohamed Alikhan @Erag0n
+Yr Rajath @Bonfire85(Singapore)- Eye in the sky.
+Kunal R.Tejsinghani @Fireen - Eye in the sky.

+Ankit Srivastava @Alfasierra
+Nikhil Singh @TheWanderingGod
+Rahul Jaiswal @NaamTohSunaHoga
+Prasanna Deshpande @damnPrAsU
+sameer batavia @prophetin

Pune: +Rahul H @Helios89
+Hrushikesh Ghatpande @TheHrushi

ADA Credits: +Naveen Krishna @navvu

Newbie Agents who cleared crosslinks.
+Rajesh Manjunath @rajeshmanjunath
+Maher kilpady @maherik
+Tyro Avi @tyrobond
+Anandkumar Gupta @iamanand
+Yuvi Panda @yuvipanda(Key Transfer)

And now that 5B is done, World Domination is imminent :-)

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