The Niantic Project Wiki is closed.

A member of the community has reached out to me to share a new wiki hosting the content archived below. This site will now redirect to the new wiki on all pages except this index page. Check it out at

I have not paid attention to Niantic or Ingress for several years, and the activity on this site has slowed to a crawl (3 total edits in 2020, 1 edit in 2021). Additionally, the server backing this wiki needs significant maintenance — which I have no real interest in performing. Therefore, I have decided to take this site offline.

Below is an archive of all site contents (excluding users and server config) as of 2022-01-16, if you are interested in perusing the content that used to be here. Alternatively, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine may be an easier way to view snapshots of the wiki.

If you need to contact me for anything not addressed here, feel free to reach out by email to

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